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Creative Director, TV host, actor and expert in visual arts. Born in Venezuela, Iorio from a very early childhood, dedicated his life to the television and mainstream entertainment industry, starting when he just four years old. He had starred in several productions for Venezuelan television, radio, theatrical tours, and commercials. In 2003 he moved to the United States where he continued with his international career on television. Living between Mexico City & Miami, in the two cities where his shows are produced by some of the most important television networks in the world such as Univision and Spanish language powerhouse Televisa Networks. Today we can see him in several TV shows including Sin Ton Ni Son & Redbull’s Alta Tension which airs in more than 50 countries worldwide.

- what can make you happy right here, right now? - I’m happy! I’m always happy to be alive, healthy and doing the things I love ...but if you happen to have a key lime pie with you, that will make me extra happy lol

- what offer will you be never able to renounce? - True love

- who did wake you up today? - I woke up next to my very annoying alarm, my cat, my cellphones and the sound of a beautiful tropical storm.

- describe your perfect day from waking up to going to sleep? - Waking up well rested, my morning routine is to drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast, some exercise, check the news, check my agenda and get ready to have incredibly productive day. My days are usually different, working in the production & show business industry there’s always something new to do and that’s what I love about my career. To finish the day, a GREAT dinner, a glass of wine and watch a good tv show/movie/serie or documentary at home.

- what do you like in your life? - My family, my friends, my cat and the blessing of doing what I love!

- who is in your iPod playlist? - I love music, I listen to all kind from oldies to today’s stars: Carole King, Nina Simone, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Florence & the Machine, The Beatles

- what/who excites you? - Creating excites me… and who? :) a photographer but will remain nameless.

- what brands are in your closet? - I have a bit of everything from Jean Paul Gaultier to Zara, I don’t believe brands are important, having your own style is better. Just wear them with confidence.

- bad habits you do not want to get rid of? - Going to bed super late & eating popcorns with black pepper

- where do you like to eat dinner? - I’m a foodie, I love going out and find the hidden gems in town to dine but I also LOVE cooking. It’s therapeutical.

- interested in group sex? - Is this an invitation? :)

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