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an artist, poet and photographer recognized in Europe and around the world, has worked for years in the most vital artistic circles of world culture, such as La Scala Opera House in Milan, The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami during Art Basel, Hermès in Paris… Artioli has evolved over the years as an artist who is appreciated for both his skill with the camera as well as the pen. Luca Artioli was born in Milan but he has been living in Miami since 2008.

Artioli has published a number of books with Mondadori, the key publishing house in Italy, some of them translated in many languages.

Artioli has had numerous photographic exhibitions around the world from Milan, to Bombay, Dubai, Miami…

- what can make you happy right here, right now?

- to discover how works another creative mind as I am close to you

- what offer will you be never able to renounce?

- helping people if i can, make life easier for somebody who needs to work for a charity project

- who did wake you up today?

- nobody

- describe your perfect day from waking up to going to sleep?

- to be productive, to make photos in a place I don't know, to enjoy the beauty of nature or finding new friends, to have a nice dinner, going to bed with a lot of lights in mind, new words, some poems maybe come up before i close my eyes

- what do you like in your life?

- my freedom, my work as an artist, be able to travel and be wondered by the beauty when I met it. My friends and people I take care or that try to take care of me, I like to be surprised and if someone make me smile, sometime I like to cry too

- who is in your iPod playlist?

- I prefer not to listen music on my iphone. I want to be always in contact with the sounds living around me

- what/who excites you?

- when I see a new book in a bookshop or when I see my work in a Gallery or Museum, its really exiting after so much work and often difficulties and dark moments

- what brands are in your closet?

- I have so many brands but I don't care less

- bad habits you do not want to get rid of?

- sleeping too much in the morning

- where do you like to eat dinner?

- if I can choose it will be on board of a small sailing boat with fresh fish and white wine may be in front of a greek island

- interested in group sex?

- WOW! too personal...

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